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About Us


Hello and welcome! It's nice to meet you.

Here at Mouschi Studio, we believe that art communicates. It's a no stress, fun social activity to share with friends and family, where you can keep your hands busy and your hearts full. We like to create a friendly, comfortable environment where people can come together and enjoy time spent creating.  

The two artists behind this studio are a pair of ex-colleagues (but still friends!) HuiYing and Rachel, who have remarkably similar education and work experience- having studied as animators before ending up working together in the visual effects industry. They both have teaching experience of over 10 years each, having taught at various art studios and onePA.


Thanks for stopping by!


Private lessons are available on request. Please contact us to learn more.


I was amazed at the results.

We enjoyed ourselves, it was so much fun.

I liked the session a lot. Rachel was patient and encouraging.  I appreciated the step by step instructions. If not for that I would have felt so overwhelmed.  It was fun and I would do it again. 🙂

Definitely will recommend to my friends. A very nice bonding session. Learned a lot about colours and brush techniques.

An Art Experience to Remember

We believe in providing a supportive and engaging art experience for adults and children, and with our many classes and workshops, there’s something for anyone looking to foster their creative spirit.

All ages and levels are welcome!


Thanks for accommodating us. I enjoyed the whole process.

That was so much fun. 


Thanks also for agreeing to buy those art supplies for us. I have enjoyed both your workshops so much it will be fun to fiddle around a bit more with some other creations.

Thanks for sending the photo! That came out well and I was pleased with my cat picture.


I enjoyed our workshop and hopefully we can do another one soon.

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